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Bairi Piya – Colors

October 20, 2011

Bairi Piya is a TV serial which is aired on Colors TV channel in India from Monday to Friday at 8:30PM. Bairi Piya TV serial is based on background of farmer suicides in Maharashtra. Bairi Piya on Colors introduces life story of farmers of Maharashtra and their exploitation.

Bairi Piya is a story about Amoli who is 20 years old girl. She is very beautiful and cheerful girl of farmer Tukaram Kamble. He belongs to Vidarbha region in the interiors of Maharashtra.

Bairi Piya TV serial has introduced, Amoli as a very positive girl. She knows everything about her father’s economic condition. She is very obvious about her family’s economic condition. Her father economic is very similar to other farmers of the taluka.

Bairi Piya on Colors has introduced, Amoli as very mature girl beyond her age. She has shown her brave face in the serial who struggle of daily survival. Amoli is favourite not only in her family but also in her village. She shares bond of love and friendship with all. She covers her sister as a guardian.

Amoli faces grim reality of mortgaged of her best friend Kaumudi in Bairi Piya TV serial. Amoli is socked to know that her father is also debt ridden like other farmers in the Taluka. Thakur of the village wants to exchange Amoli with the money for her father’s debt. She faces very difficult situation but she raised her moral. Amoli is the voice of thousands of helpless women who are exploited by Thakur or rich men during the tough times.

Bairi Piya has introduced, Tani as the youngest daughter of Tukaram Kamble. She is about 10 years old. She is very curious by her nature to know everything.

Bairi Piya on Colors has introduced Tukaram Kamble as the father of Amoli. He is just like the thousands of farmer of our country. He toils from dawn to dusk just like other farmers of our country.

Bairi Piya TV serial begins with destroy of the entire crop of Amoli and her villagers before the festival of “Bail Pola”. Bairi Piya is very similar to Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo TV serial.

In the recent episode of Bairi Piya, Amoli goes to Thakur house to help for her land that is captured by others. She comes from backdoor because she was not allowed to enter from front door. Thakur promises to help her in the condition of her virginity. He demands herself in the condition of her land. Amoli request her for any other things but he refuses. At last, Amoli tells her about her moral and respect. She was not ready to sacrifice herself in the condition of her land.

Her imagine breaks. Now, she has to think about her land. How she will get back her land, watch some episodes of Bairi Piya TV serial on Colors. Will she give herself to Thakur to get back her land?

Bairi Piya TV serial gives a light on social evils and exploitation of rich men. Bairi Piya is a struggle against exploitation. The serial reveals the truth of keepers of customs and tradition which is broken by them. Bairi Piya is the sketch of poverty which gives a glimpse of thousands of farmer’s life.

Bairi Piya on Colors reveals the subjugation of woman of the interior parts of Maharashtra also. Ekta Kapoor says about the Bairi Piya, “This show is based on the real India and the real problems it faces. The idea of Bairi Piya was to highlight the plight of the ‘kisaan’ who after 60 years of the country’s independence is still facing immense problems. This has become the basis and background of the show where the ambience is set around a poor farmer’s family, which is economically and financially deprived.” So, the TV serial is dedicated to “kisaan” (farmer) life. This will show the poor farmer’s family life who are still exploited after 60 years of the country’s independence.

Bairi Piya is very different TV serial of Balaji Telefilms production. The TV serial sketch the life story of farmer very well but it shows the false scene of Thakur. Bairi Piya TV serial is based on feudal social structure.

Story of the Bairi Piya is very old which deals about feudal exploitation. There is surly women exploitation, poor exploitation but they are not doing suicide by the exploitation of feudal social structure. Farmer is committing suicide due to capitalist exploitation. As per the goal of Bairi Piya TV serial it is not the real face which deals the suicide case of farmers in interior village of Maharashtra. In spite of, the TV serial is able to sketch the real life of poor families of independent India.

Bairi Piya on COLORS is the perfect TV serial which shows the exploitation and real life of poor family of Indian farmer. These poor families of farmers are exploited by capital societies which are in the base. They have been exploited by capital and committed suicide.

Bairi Piya will introduce a love story also which will be very different from other TV serial. There is nothing clear evidence on the name of TV serial – Bairi Piya. Why it is Bairi Piya? I think Colors will introduce a Piya for Amoli who will be Bairi. That is why; the serial name is Bairi Piya.


  • Supriya Kumari – Amoli
  • Sharad Kelkar – Thakur Digvijay Bhadoria
  • Ashwini Kalsekar – Shobhna
  • Priyamvada Kant – Kaumudi
  • Pallavi Subhash Chandran – Chiggy Bahu
  • Vaishnavi MacDonald- Sunanda Devi
  • Neetha shetty-badiya bhahu

AmoliMain protagonist. Married to Radhe and now she is a widow of Radhe. Recently Thakur killed her husband. She loves her husband very much and hates Thakur very much. Now a days, she is hiding from Thakur and working as a servant in another city far away from her village.

ThakurMain antagonist. He thinks he is superior and takes advantage from innocent villagers mentally. He is in love with Amoli and wants to have back Amoli in his life anyway he can.

RadheProtagonist. Married to Amoli. He was killed by Thakur.

Urmila (Thakur’s Wife)Protagonist. She left thakur. She treats Radhe as her own son.


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